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New Milestones, New Challenges, New People

23 Aug 2019

August has just started and it has come with much exciting news. Firstly, Analytics Insight Magazine has released its July-August issue: “The 10 Most Intelligent Automation Solution Providers in 2019”. This issue lists 10 companies whose disruptive technology have changed business processes and operations across industries worldwide. In this issue, Company of the Month was divided into two categories: Innovation and Intelligent Product. We are proud to announce that Eleos Robotics not only made the list but was also featured as Company of the Month under Innovation! Click here to read the full story.

Secondly, Eleos Robotics was selected as a finalist to compete in the 4th Future Agro Challenge Global Championships. This event will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece during the Global Agripreneurs Summit on September 7-11, 2019. Innovators and industry leaders from all around the world will be showcasing cutting-edge solutions to boost sustainability and economic development in the agricultural industry.

Eleos Robotics will have the opportunity to participate in many workshops, receive training, and attend networking events. Only one organization will be awarded the Agripreneur of the Year. Click here to read more about the Global Agripreneurs Summit. We will be posting updates about the 4th Future Challenge Global Championships in our social media pages, don’t miss out!

Lastly, we would like to welcome Dave Friesen to the team. Mr. Friesen has a bachelors degree in physics and an engineering physics diploma in mechatronics from the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). His time in university has equipped him with a deep understanding and practical skills in motor controls, electronic circuit design and assembly, and ARM and microcontroller programming.

During his final semester at UFV, Mr. Friesen was offered the opportunity to work at Eleos Robotics to help develop the motor controls and kinematic simulations of the RoboWeeder prototype, an offer he could not refuse. In his own words, working for Eleos Robotics meant having “the chance to work with engineers and computer scientists on a project where the boundaries of technology are being expanded [which] makes for an exciting opportunity to grow and learn with a team”. Welcome to Eleos Robotics Mr. Friesen!