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Agro Innovation Lab

05 Aug 2019

The agricultural industry has been experiencing a lot of innovation through newer technology. There are many organizations behind that change, the Agro Innovation Lab, for instance, has made it its goal to “play an active part in shaping the future of agriculture through innovation”. To do so, Agro Innovation Lab created the Robotics Challenge 2019.

The Robotics Challenge 2019 aims to find solutions that enhance efficiency in agricultural processes. Companies must prove that their technology is sustainable and will help shape the future of this industry and the world. This year, companies had to provide solutions in weed control and fruit and vegetable harvesting. Winner of this challenge would enter into cooperation with a multi-billion European company.

Eleos Robotics competed in this challenge and was listed as one of the top agriculture robotics start-ups in the world. Founder of Eleos Robotics then traveled to Vienna, Austria where he had pitch among other top companies in agriculture. We are proud to say that Eleos Robotics placed top ten globally for this competition. Eleos would like to thank Agro Innovation Lab for this amazing experience and everyone for your warm and continuous support!