With RoboWeeder you'll save timne, grow more, go organic, and eliminates headaches!

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It weeds for you!

This robot controls the weeds for you
using precision heating technology.

Save Time

Lowers labour of
unskilled workers

Grow More

Less weeds that
compete with crops

Go Organic

Our tech is green
and sustainable

Less Hassle

Change tedious, time
consuming processes

We Are Eleos Robotics

Eleos Robotics designed a fully autonomous, eco-friendly, and sustainable weeding technology for growers. We sell RoboWeeder fully maintained and monitored remotely. Quantities are limited, so ask to join our waitlist.

Our technology better reflects consumer demand for organic produce and uses cutting-edge technology in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to solve the global labour crisis and remove poisoinous chemicals with our disruptive agritech.

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How It Works

RoboWeeder autonomously patrols the farm and eliminates weeds with electromagnetic heating technology. It creates an estimated 10-acre "weed-free" zone.

Machine Vision

RoboWeeder uses a camera and image recognition to detect and distinguish types of weeds before eliminating them.

Precision Heating

RoboWeeder targets individual weeds and clusters then heats them dielectrically causing them to wilt away and die.

Autonomous Navigation

RoboWeeder uses GPS and machine vision to traverse the farm and avoid obstacles without the need of supervision.

Autonomous Charging

RoboWeeder returns to its station when low on power. It parks and charges before returning to its last position.

Autonomous, Sustainable and, Eco-Friendy

Existing weeding solutions are laborious, and expensive.

RoboWeeder is needed in the midst of an ensuing worldwide labour and environmental crisis. Seasonal imported labour and herbicides are not sustainable options for our future world.

RoboWeeder has clear advantages over other solutions. Unlike pulling or hoeing weeds, it is fully autonomous, and unlike herbicides, our method is sustainable and eco-friendly. RoboWeeder customers will grow more, go organic, and eliminates operational headaches.

Team Eleos

Eleos Robotics' multinational team has combined its expertise in artificial intelligence, robotics, data science, and horticulture to create one of the world's most advanced agriculture technology.

Van Essen

Founder & CEO



Dr. Charles
Foell III

Data Scientist

Gordon Ho

Robotics Engineer

Mike Manion

Business Advisor

Dr. Zheng Liu, UBC Okanagan

Automation Research

KPU through Engage

AI Research Partner

Dr. Kwesi


Melannie Osorio

Marketing Coordinator

Our Supporters

Our supporters sre recognized for their contribution to the development of the RoboWeeder. "It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to raise a company".